The Berlin Food Bunker Story

Our Story

Coming from Berlin I was accustomed to the Doner Kebab as it was invented in Berlin in 1972 by Kadir Nurman.

Seeing the way the kebab was served in Australia has always made me think of setting up a store and changing the Australian Kebab experience. I have tried many kebabs in Australia and its reputation is not the greatest. People see it as leftover, greasy, and a cheap hangover food and  the way its served I have to partially agree. It is always rolled in a thin flatbread, squashed to make it fit and becomes soggy very quickly. You can’t see what you get and most shops use the cheapest meat available stuffed with fillers and preservatives.

Mind you the state of many kebab shops does much to reinforce this image; Dirty and run down shops are everywhere.

I wanted to change this conception by presenting the traditional way of serving the Kebab. It is meant to be an open style sandwich with fresh ingredients, quality meat and superior toasted Turkish Pide.

This is where the story begins.

After many years of working in Hospitality I decided it is time to do it, to setup a store and change the way the kebab is viewed.

The name came as an inspiration at looking at the box it looked like an old style bunker so we decided to name it


I looked for a business partner and having worked with Puneet for many years I knew his commitment and reliability so a partnership was founded.

We decided to start from scratch and do it all ourselves. We bought a mobile catering stall from the Melbourne racecourses, towed it to Sydney and started the fit out in the driveway across the street. We cleaned the “Box” as I refer to it and started buying equipment. We decided to start with a large fridge, stainless steel wall coverings and all commercial catering equipment. We painted the outside like and old bunker with rivets and a hammered rusty steel look. We sourced a range hood from Melbourne and  lots of other items from all over.

When it came to the products I wanted to ensure we stick to quality. So Helta kebabs was the obvious choice as they do not use any fillers, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

The biggest challenge was in finding the bread as no-one is making a Round Turkish Pide in Sydney. So again we had to go to Melbourne and found the Turkish Bread Factory.

So far we invested 4 month and lots of money in to the idea.

The next challenge was to find a location. After weeks of searching we were able to secure a location on 241 Parramatta Road Granville inside RA Motors.

Adam, the owner of RA Motors, was very interested and has provided great input into the setup. His car yard is a great location; there is lots of space and its very visible. We have created a large area with some seating, music and open space.

We opened the “Berlin Food Bunker” on Thursday the 27th of September 2018.

We are open 6 days Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 to 10:30pm and later on weekends.