The Berlin Food Bunker Story

Our Story

Germany invited the Turkish people after the Second World War to help rebuild the country and allowing them to migrate. With them they brought their fresh and nutritious cuisine. Many of the Turkish People moved to a neighborhood in West Berlin, a diverse and dynamic district next to the Berlin Wall. One entrepreneurial “Gastarbeiter” recognized an opportunity and invented the Döner Kebab as it is known today in 1972, a quick and hearty meal to meet the tastes and desires of a growing population that is always on the go. First sold at one of the main subway stations, this new creation quickly became immensely popular in Germany and throughout Europe.

Last year the Döner generated $4.5 Billion in annual sales and created over 200,000 new jobs. In Germany alone, over 1 billion Döner kebabs were served and annual sales of over 3.5billion euros and at least 600 ton of doner meat every day is sold.

As the founder of the Berlin Food Bunker I have been eating Döner Kebabs since my youth as soon as the Berlin Wall fell in Berlin. When I moved to Sydney Australia in 1998, I noticed there was nowhere to feed my cravings for Berliner style Döner Kebabs. That’s when the idea was planted. I wanted to bring the Berlin style Döner Kebab to Sydney, so  decided after 20 years of living here and after getting married, having 4 children many different jobs, to turn my vision into a reality. In 2018 the Berlin Food Bunker was founded and set up in Granville. It included a few other favorites and Berlin Street treats such as the Currywurst, Jam Donuts, Pommes, Pork Knuckle sandwich and more but mainly focuses on the Berlin style kebab. Re-creating this Berlin favorite kebab involved intense research and finding the right partners to make it as authentic as possible. I am producing all my sauces in house fresh and according to my favorite Kebab shop in Berlin called Döner XL. I found a Turkish bakery that bakes my bread according to my specifications. I only use quality meats and vegetables. The paper bags are imported, as they are the signature packaging in Germany.

I truly believe this is an authentic experience that everyone should try!

Come and have a taste of Berlin right here in Sydney Melrose Park. Let me take you to Germany for one night and try our fresh, delicious kebabs that are also HALAL and always made with passion and that extra bit of care.

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